6 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in High School


Your child is about to start high school, which means that you are probably feeling some mix of excitement and anxiety. You want them to do well, but the thought of watching them go through all the changes that come with adolescence at such a challenging age can be intimidating. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can help your child achieve success in high school and beyond! Here are six tips:

1. Encourage good study habits

The first step to helping your child succeed in high school is to start with the basics. Provide a comfortable and clean space for them to study, and then help them develop good study habits. Your teen should create a regular schedule for themselves that includes time for homework and other activities. Make sure they know what their responsibilities are so that there’s no confusion about what needs to be done or when it needs to be finished. You can also provide your teen with a study guide or calendar, which will let them plan out their schedules according to their own needs. You could even make an appointment with yourself at home where you sit down together at the end of each day (or week) so everyone can go over how things went during the previous day/week/month/year etcetera!

2. Set aside time for relaxation

So many students feel that what they need is more time to study, but the truth is that they just don’t know how to relax. One way you can help your child find the right balance between work and relaxation is by setting aside time for relaxing activities yourself. The best way for your child to learn how to do this is by example, so make sure you take time for yourself every day or at least once a week. Try these ideas:
  • Do yoga every morning when you wake up. It doesn’t have to be for a long time—just 10 minutes will do! This will help quiet your mind and body so that when you start studying again later in the day or evening, it won’t feel as overwhelming. If yoga isn’t something that appeals to you, try meditating instead or simply taking some deep breaths while sitting quietly on your bed or couch with no distractions around. Doing this before starting work each day can really help clear away any stressors from earlier in the day so they don’t affect whatever tasks come next on your list of things-to-do.

3. Meet with teachers regularly.

You’ll want to have a good relationship with your child’s teachers. They can be a great source of advice and support, and they might even be able to give you tips on how to help your child succeed in class. It’s important to meet with them regularly so that they can understand what your child needs to do well in class, as well as how they can help him or her do that.

4. Be a good example

As a parent, you can be a positive influence on your child’s education. Here are some things you can do:
  • Set a good example for them by being positive and supportive of their school work.
  • Be available to talk with them about schoolwork or any problems they may be having in class.

5. Develop (and stick to) a sleep schedule

If you’re a parent, you know how important sleep is for your child. Adequate rest helps kids develop physically, mentally and emotionally. And it’s also vital to their ability to function at school and succeed in life beyond high school. But getting enough rest isn’t always easy—especially when you have a busy schedule that requires early mornings or late nights. Your child may need help developing a regular sleep schedule that allows him or her enough time for adequate rest each night. They’ll find out how much sleep they need by checking out this chart: [link]https://www.sleepeducationcenter.org/adolescents/ages-12-19/need-sleep

6. Have faith in your child

You have to believe in your child. You know they can do it, but they’ll need all the encouragement and support you can give them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong—the most important thing is that your child succeeds! And don’t expect perfection from them; if they’re working hard, that’s enough for now.

You can help your child succeed in high school by talking to them about their goals, helping them study and encouraging them to do their best.

  • Talk to your child about their goals.
  • Help them study.
  • Encourage them to do their best.
You can help your child succeed in high school by talking to them about their goals, helping them study and encouraging them to do their best.


High school can be a challenging time for children, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to help your child develop good study habits and meet with teachers regularly. It’s also important that you set aside time for relaxation and develop a good sleep schedule so that they can focus on their studies when they need to. As their parent, it is up to you to find ways in which they can succeed during this crucial period of their lives!