Effective Strategies for Staying Focused During Study Sessions

Effective Strategies for Staying Focused During Study Sessions


When it comes to studying, there’s no getting around the fact that you need to be focused if you want to make the most of your study sessions. So why do so many people struggle with staying focused when they try to study? The answer is simple: distractions! Your brain goes into overload when it’s being bombarded by all kinds of stimuli—from schoolwork deadlines and emails popping up on your phone every minute, to Facebook notifications and Snapchat streaks. It’s no wonder that so many people have trouble finding time (or even wanting) to sit down and focus on their classes. But here’s the good news: There are some easy ways you can stay focused during your study sessions without losing too much sleep in the process!

Create a study space.

  • Create a study space that is quiet and comfortable. You’ll want to make sure your study area is well lit, clean, and organized. Having everything you need at hand will also help you stay focused on studying instead of scrambling around looking for supplies.
  • Find somewhere quiet where you can sit down with no distractions–and preferably alone! If there are other people around who might want to talk or ask questions while you’re trying to concentrate on studying, try asking them politely if they wouldn’t mind giving you some privacy for now (or tell them in advance that this time is reserved for studying). If someone does come into the room while I’m working on my homework, I just politely ask them if they would mind waiting until later when we’ve finished our work before talking about anything else; most people seem fine with this request since most people tend not to want their conversations interrupted either!

Set aside a specific time and place to study.

The most important thing to do when you’re trying to study is set aside a specific time and place. You should always have your work space ready, whether that’s in the library or at home, so that when it’s time for studying, everything is ready for you.

If possible, don’t study on the couch or bed–these places are usually full of distractions like TV and pets (or people). It’s best if this dedicated space is free from these types of distractions as well as other things like phones or computers.

Make a plan for the day and follow it.

The best way to stay focused is by making a plan for the day and following it. You can do this by writing down a list of tasks that need to be completed, or scheduling them in your calendar. It’s also helpful to set time limits on each task so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of you. If necessary, break up larger projects into smaller chunks so they’re easier to manage over time.

If there are any distractions during study sessions–like friends inviting themselves over or family members calling unexpectedly–make sure that these things don’t interfere with your schedule! If necessary, say no when people ask if they can stop by (this may sound rude but trust me: nobody will mind). Or just explain why right away: “I’m studying right now so I can’t hang out later.”

Procrastination is another huge problem when trying not only focus but also maintain motivation throughout an entire class period/session/etcetera…

Go to bed early enough to get a full night’s sleep and wake up early in order to start your day with some quality time for yourself before school.

  • Go to bed early enough to get a full night’s sleep and wake up early in order to start your day with some quality time for yourself before school.
  • Avoid spending too much time on your phone or other devices before going to bed, as this can interfere with the natural circadian rhythm of your body, causing you to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.

Keep healthy snacks on hand, especially ones high in protein, so you won’t be tempted by junk food.

  • Protein is a key nutrient that can help you stay alert, focused and energized.
  • If you’re feeling hungry, protein-rich snacks like nuts or peanut butter are great choices because they’re high in protein but low in calories and fat.
  • Protein also helps control blood sugar levels–a key part of staying focused during study sessions (and throughout the day).

Label homework assignments and keep them in one location (like a binder) so you can easily find them when it comes time to study.

Label homework assignments and keep them in one location (like a binder) so you can easily find them when it comes time to study.

If you have a lot of papers that need to be organized, start by sorting them into categories:

  • Keep-I-Need (important things like registration forms or bus passes).
  • Toss-It (old receipts or flyers for events that happened months ago).

Put away all distractions, including phones and electronics, so you can focus on what’s important (your classwork).

The first step to staying focused during study sessions is to set aside time for them. You need to make sure that you have enough time available for your studies, and that you’re not rushing through the process.

Next, create a space where you can do your work undisturbed by outside distractions and interruptions. When possible, try to avoid working in places where there are lots of other people around–even if they seem like they’re minding their own business! If this isn’t possible or practical for whatever reason (e.g., if it’s noisy at home), consider wearing earphones or headphones so that sound doesn’t bother you as much when it does come through from outside sources.

Finally, make sure that before starting any kind of assignment or project related specifically towards classwork such as writing papers or studying material relevant specifically towards upcoming exams such as quizzes/tests etc., make sure that firstly:

  • You’ve got an idea about how much time will be needed overall; 2) That all necessary materials such as textbooks/notebooks/pencils etc., are readily available nearby without having anything missing (as well).

You can stay focused during your study sessions if you do these things!

  • Set a timer.
  • Eat healthy and get enough sleep.
  • Make goals, then plan out how you’re going to achieve them!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to study (it’s never as effective).


We hope that these tips will help you to stay focused during your study sessions. Remember: if you want something badly enough, then it’s worth going out of your way to get it!