How to start teaching in hong kong international school?

teaching in hong kong international school

1. What is the hiring process?

  • What is the hiring process?

The school has one specific schedule and they usually don’t deviate from it. They will start hiring in December (the first interviews are in early December).

They will interview candidates either online (Skype) or on-site. The Skype interviews are usually with the same interviewer, but that’s not a rule – for example, this year I interviewed several candidates via Skype, but I also interviewed some via Skype with another experienced teacher who was back home for the Christmas holidays. On-site interviews happen with two to three different people: one of them is an experienced teacher, the second one works in administration (the person responsible for recruiting), and sometimes you will be interviewed by someone from HR (e.g., the Director of HR, or a senior manager).

2. What are the requirements to teach at a Hong Kong international school?

To teach at a Hong Kong international school, you need a graduate degree in education, a teaching qualification, at least 2 years of experience and your passport must be from an English-speaking country. So how do you get all of these? First, complete online courses then apply to the education board. The International Teaching Certificate and/or Post Graduate Diploma in Education will give you the necessary qualification to meet the requirements of the Hong Kong Education Board. For example, if your first degree is in another subject than education and you don’t have any experience teaching abroad or even with children, then you can complete this course to gain these skills and knowledge.

Once you have qualified as a teacher with a postgraduate certificate from an accredited university such as UCL or Kings College London then you will need to apply for a job at an international school in Hong Kong. You can also start applying for jobs before completing your courses but once accepted into the role you will be required to complete it within 12 months

3. Who hires in Hong Kong international schools?

You might think that schools in Hong Kong are hiring directly. But unless you’re applying to one of the few public schools, or a very small, independent school, you’ll need to work with a recruitment agency.

Teachers need to know that recruiters are paid by the school and not by the applicant. If an agency asks for money from you, it’s not a legitimate operation and it should be avoided.

4. What about sponsorships/visas for teachers working in Hong Kong international schools?


The school will usually sponsor the visa and cover the cost. Downsides can sometimes be that you are tied to the school for a while, like two years. You may also not be able to live in your apartment and have to stay in an apartment provided by the school. Airfare is usually paid for by the school as well.

Another thing that schools often provide is health insurance for teachers, which can otherwise be very expensive in Hong Kong (often around HK$2,000 per month or more).

5. Do teachers have to pay tax if they work at a Hong Kong international school?

If you are employed by a company or organization based in Hong Kong, you will pay tax. If you are employed by a company or organization based outside of Hong Kong, then you will not pay tax in Hong Kong.

6. Which schools offer family-friendly perks like spouse employment and tuition subsidies?

If your family is looking to move here, you’ll want to know which schools offer some of the best perks for spouses and kids. Some international schools in Hong Kong have waitlists for siblings of children already attending the school. In addition, it’s always good to know which schools offer benefits like tuition subsidies or lower fees for siblings. Some schools even offer spouse employment opportunities, so be sure to check out what these elite Hong Kong international schools can do for your family:

  • The American School Hong Kong

  • Kellett School

  • South Island School

  • West Island School

  • Island School

  • Hong Kong International School

  • Hong Kong Academy

  • Sha Tin College

If you’re interested in one of our partner British Schools Overseas, they also often have perks that are more family-friendly than other institutions:

  • Kowloon Junior School

  • Clearwater Bay School

7. Are there any other factors that are important to know when considering teaching overseas in Hong Kong?

  • Are there any other factors that are important to know when considering teaching overseas in Hong Kong?

Yes! There are a few things that you’ll need to know about the process, and they can make the entire process overwhelming.

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