What is the difference between Secondary and Form 6 in Hong Kong?

difference between Secondary and Form Six in Hong Kong

A student in Hong Kong is required to have at least 11 years of education before entering university. The last three years of secondary school are called Form Six which is optional. If the student successfully passes this class, he/she can proceed to study at a local university directly. The students from the remaining three years are placed in Secondary Three, Four, and Five. The first is to work toward becoming a candidate for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) or Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKEAA). Upon attaining such qualifications they can proceed to study in a local university or college directly.

The main difference between Secondary and Form Six in Hong Kong

There is one big difference between Secondary school and Form Six: you can get a job after Form Six, but not after Secondary. After graduating from Secondary school, you need to go to university if you want to continue your studies. Most universities require HKDSE for application which should be taken during Junior Form Six (year 10). Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the few exceptions which only requires a Senior Secondary Certificate.

That being said, if you have been offered a job while sitting in Secondary school, there is a chance that they will not accept your offer if you have already accepted one after Form Six. Of course, this depends on employer discretion since they will already have you as an employee once July comes. Another exception could be that the employer wants students who are 15 or non-form sixers.

In summary, the only reason why it would make sense to work during Secondary school is if your employer offers you a position before July 1st.

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